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Growing Roots Nature School

Pathways to Playful Learning

Kids Reading Map

Our Pedagogy

The Growing Roots Nature School focuses on educating the whole child through a balance of intellectual, physical and emotional development. We cultivate life-long learning through inquiry-based child-led learning, and developmentally- appropriate practices.


This balanced education model is supported by a team of educators that collaborate daily to support each individual child, and provide mentorship to all children.

Our curriculum incorporates natural learning, outdoor play and exploration, and developing contextual problem solving skills. Our school is rooted in allowing children to learn through the outdoors, and we aim to educate while immersed in nature.

Students are encouraged to ask questions and deepen their own natural inquiries. Through a project-based inquiry we strive to make learning hands-on and meaningful to all students.

Children Playing in Snow
Snow Angels


Our school is situated in a beautiful private forest, with plenty of space for students to explore and engage with nature. We aim to spend the majority of our days outside in all seasons.

Additionally, we also have an indoor classroom in a four-season yurt, to be used during inclement weather and curriculum building.

Children thrive in a learning environment that speaks to their ever-changing and beautifully
developing minds. This school allows children to have an enriching and stimulating space that encourages
children's natural curiosities, and builds upon those interests.


We provide children with the space and environment to use their unique talents and abilities to guide their learning journey.


We believe that the environment is the “third teacher”. An environment rich in learning opportunities will foster creativity, curiosity and student-led inquiry.

Our Growing Roots Nature School is embedded in learning outdoors, which helps to foster children’s natural movements, adventures, inquiry, and nature-based questions.

Experiential Learning

'Education is not the filling of a pail,
but the lighting of a fire.'
- William Yeats

Adorable Kid Holding Chicken

Forest Day

The seedlings program is an inquiry-based forest program that aims to ignite children's natural curiosities, through a supportive outdoor learning environment.


Our educators are co-learners, learning alongside children as they explore the world around them. Each of our educators in this program brings a wealth of experience, education, and passion. Our educators for this program range from forest school practitioners, registered early childhood educators, and Ontario certified teachers.

Our seedlings pedagogy is play-based and inquiry-led. We learn by doing, exploring, and engaging in children's natural interests. We provide an environment rich in learning, and weave academics into the children's play through extensions and purposeful play.​

Kids Reading Outdoor


Our roots program is designed for children ages 7+, and cultivates a holistic education that combines hands-on skills, outdoor physical education, and mindfulness.

Our roots educators collaborate daily to cultivate the potential of every student. 


We believe that all learning is contextual, and aim to develop a deep and lifelong love of inquiry and problem-solving.  

We strive to meet and support each student where they are, and simultaneously challenge them further to meet new goals. 

Image by Daiga Ellaby

'Together may give our children the roots to grow, and wings to fly'


- Unknown 

Plant Nursery
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